Corporate Advisory

KTM’s Corporate Advisory is a leading Australian mergers and acquisitions/corporate advisory business, independently operating in the Australian market.

From the establishment in 1998, KTM continues to development and grow its reputation built on trust, a commitment to delivering first tier corporate and financial advice and helping clients achieve their long-term corporate and growth aspirations.

KTM has strong relationships with both clients and advisors located domestically and in particular Hong Kong and the United States of America.

KTM provides the following corporate advisory services:
  • Float advisory services covering the corporate, commercial and structural aspects of the listing of a business on the Australian Securities Exchange
  • General strategic corporate advice
  • Corporate advice in relation to mergers and acquisitions
  • Advice on asset and business acquisitions and disposals
  • Valuations and independent expert reports for private businesses, the listing of businesses on the ASX and for the purposes of public market takeovers
  • Advice on secondary market promotion for listed companies including drafting of ASX releases, preparation of investor presentations, conduct of investor presentations and arrangement of investor briefings

We also do IPOs & Capital Raising

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