Our Transactions

Since founding KTM in November 1998, the principals of the firm have advised on a number of asset/business purchases divestments KTM has also underwritten or placed a number of equity capital issues in a broad range of industries including:


with KTM Ventures co-investor in private seed and follow-on Series A round. Kaddy management started the journey of building a B2B marketplace for the beverage industry they termed “AfterPay” for beverages called Kaddy.

The founders are exceptional and been passionate about business and start-ups for a long time. Following Mike Abbot’s exit from an executive role at Uber in Australia after 7 years and Rich Coombes recent exit in 3 different beverage plays, they saw the opportunity to lean in aggressively to $30bn+ beverage market in Australia and hit some big targets with Kaddy

Bitcoin Access – BitETF

with KTM Ventures co-investor in Cosmos Capital, creating Bitcoin Access. Allowing investors to add Bitcoin to their portfolio. Simply. Conveniently. Cost effectively. Investors gain exposure to the performance of Bitcoin without the hassle of having directly purchase Bitcoin.

Cosmos Capital

with KTM Ventures co-investor in $12m pre-IPO Cosmos Capital is building a bridge between the emerging sector of Digital Asset Infrastructure and traditional capital markets with a focus on matching energy infrastructure with next-generation mobile data centre solutions. Cosmos Capital enable institutional-quality capital exposure for emerging blockchain technology.

Tubi Group

with KTM Ventures co-investor in $10m pre-IPO investment and a $5.75m IPO for founder sell-down fully underwritten by KTM Capital. Australian leading disruptive HDPE pipe manufacturing now operating in Texas US and NZ

Volt Bank 

with KTM Ventures co-investor in series B round $23.5m investment into Australia’s newest digital bank license “neo-bank”.


with KTM Ventures co-investor in series A round raising $5m. EscaVox provides independent and objective data on the performance of fresh food supply chains, from farm to retail shelf, so better informed decisions can be made about the management of product and investments in the supply chain.

Greater visibility of the cool chain, makes it easier to see temperature and dwell time issues and allows for corrective actions to be taken. This leads to reduced rejections and loss and more consistent quality product for the customer. 


Fully underwritten IPO of $11m on the ASX. Identitii provides a private blockchain service for banks to enrich compliance information for international money transfers.


Underwrite a $4.5m rights issue. Cloud-based building and energy facility management software.

PrimeX Connect 

Undisclosed seed capital round. PrimeX Connect is a cloud-based wholesale trading platform for beef, lamb and goat that connects processors and exporters.

Independent Reserve 

Investment for 25% of Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Shimano Corporation

the sale by the controlling shareholders of Shimano Australia to Shimano Corporation for $15 million


Undisclosed venture capital placement


Undisclosed venture capital placement

Building IQ

$20m underwritten IPO (at market cap $84.5m)


$20m underwritten IPO (at market cap $108.5m) and subsequent $6.5 million placement

Future Fibre Technologies

$20m underwritten IPO (at market cap $84m)


$15m underwritten IPO (at market cap $215m)

1 Page

$8.75m IPO (at market cap $24m)

Spring Financial

$4.5m underwritten IPO


$10m IPO


$3m IPO

HiPages Group

Undisclosed venture capital placement

Actinogen Medical

$10m co-led placement


$4m placement

Cynata Therapeutics

$6m co-underwritten IPO

OncoSil Medical

$12m co-led IPO and placement


$10m underwritten IPO

Sirtex Medical

$15m underwritten float and subsequent $26m placement

Globe International

$74m underwritten IPO (at $361m market cap) and subsequent $120m placement

Alloy Resources

$7m underwritten IPO

Iberian Resources Limited

$10m underwritten placement

KAZ Computer Services

$32m underwritten initial public offering & follow on $14m placement

KAZ Computer Systems Limited

the purchase by KAZ Computer Systems of the business of AusData Limited for $45 million

the purchase by KAZ Computer Systems of the business of Fundi Software Limited for $25 million

the purchase by KAZ Computer Systems of the business of AAS Limited from AMP Limited for $100 million

the purchase by KAZ Computer Systems of the business of Aspect Computing for $200 million

Powerlan Limited

$25m underwritten initial public offering & follow on $18.5m placement

Legend Mining

$7m underwritten placement

($m = Australian million dollars, market cap are “post money” figures).